An Extremely Awkward Stone Gossard Interview

In what is sure to be a stunning development to all, Pearl Jam’s You Tube channel is now dropping new content weekly.  And its content includes lots of stuff like this Stone Gossard interview.

I have to wonder who thought this would make compelling video.  It’s just Stone Gossard wandering around his house, looking for his old stuff that he says literally does not exist in the first place because he throws the new stuff away to prevent it from becoming old stuff in the first place, making the entire video futile from the start.


“Literally futile.”

Now I’m the first to admit that the YouTube Channel is not exactly a Gold Factcory, but I do think I can promise to never make a video where you’re forced to follow me around the house and watch me check every kitchen cabinet, dresser drawer or random box I may come across just in case any of these enclosures may happen to encapsulate that which I saved in the event that I ever became nostalgic for the nineteen nineties!

Anyway, please enjoy this video of my dogs being CUTE.

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