Disney World vs Disneyland: Jungle Cruise

It’s that time again – time for more Disney Parks Versus: the only game on the internet where we make Disneyland and Disney World fight it out for supremacy. This time, it’s a straight up Jungle Cruise battle!

Oh, my believed Jungle Cruise: where puns and general stand up comedy goes to die. There’s nothing better than drifting down an artificial river with a bunch of strangers, starring at animatronic elephants, only to hear your guide remark, "There’s a site you don’t see every day: elephants bathing. I do, though. Everyday. About every twenty minutes."

The Jungle Cruise is that kind of attraction – you pass an upside down jeep, apparently overturned by apes, and the guide will remark, "I’ve been trying to get that jeep started all week; looks like they got it to turn over, though." If you have no tolerance for that sort of thing, then the Jungle Cruise is not for you.

I was surprised to learn that Disneyland’s piranhas were added as recently as 2005 and 2006 at Magic Kingdom, but I never noticed them until I saw them at Disneyland. They have an old fashioned charm to them that I really appreciate; there’s something about a bunch of motionless fish attached to a metal wheel that just does it for me.

But which is better? I’d have to go with Disneyland. It seems to me that this version is longer and has more features than the Disney World version, but maybe that’s not true. It feels true to me, but I could be wrong. I don’t have much to back up this argument… well, I guess Disney World has those tunnel scenes, and I don’t think Disneyland has that at all, and that’s a good thing. I don’t know why, but I really don’t care for those tunnels. Maybe it’s because there’s a ridiculous snake in there and the lighting is a really harsh bit of studio work that doesn’t work well with the rest of the ride… I’ll go with that reason! But no matter what coast you’re on, hit up Jungle Cruise – it’s schmaltzy fun!

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