Creed is the Name of a Band that Still Sorta Exists

Why I’m writing about Creed is going to take a while to explain.  I’ll do my best to make sense of it all.

It all started when I was editing the Green Lantern movie review post.  I was fixing a grammatical error when I noticed this:

sinestro creed

Lemme zoom in for ya.


I thought, “Holy potato balls!” and nearly did a spit take all over my monitor.  The fragment, “with arms wide open” was a line from the Creed song of the same name, but as soon as I think Creed, I remember their up tempo hit, “Higher.”

This reference hadn’t been relevant for over ten years when the post was originally published, and now, it seemed even more ridiculous.  I made the decision to delete it, but I didn’t – I never shall.  I just kept looking at it and thinking.

There had been a brief, ill-advised few weeks (or a perhaps an entire month), where I was not only listening to this song not just voluntarily, but enjoying it.  The song and video have slick production values, even if they’re simple ones.  I don’t think it occurred to me until after the first week that:

  1. there was more to the imagery in this video than I had at first thought,
  2. that guitar lick is suspect at best,
  3. there’s something familiar about these guys,
  4. and just what in the hell is this song about, anyway?

Let’s take these one at a time:

There was more to the imagery in this video than I had first thought.
At first, I really liked how they’d done so much with so little.  It’s a simple video, yet well-timed and visually interesting… until I thought less about the production and more about what the images were saying.

creed jesusJust because his back is the camera doesn’t mean I can’t tell he’s doing a Jesus thing.  I know my Jesus things.  Whenever you see an actor doing a Last Words of Jesus performance, they’re in this exact position.  (That’s right, I know my Jesus stuff.)  I’m one of those people who doesn’t really want to see anyone doing Jesus things except Jesus.  (And by “Jesus things,” I don’t mean healing the sick or feeding the poor – I mean putting on a costume from Jesus Christ Superstar out of context.  (That’s right, I know my references are becoming more and more obscure.)

That guitar lick is suspect at best.
I’m referring to what occurs for the first time at 1:08.  That lick is not a good thing.  It’s the kind of lick I could pull off if I practiced it for a week.  What I’m saying is there’s guys who can solo, guys who can shred, guys who are so good people just ask them to do whatever they want and then there’s guys who just do this, and guys like this – guys like me – we should just do nothing at all.  Everyone is better off.  I know this from experience.  Bad licks are just bad, and nothing else.

There’s something familiar about these guys.
This guy stole Eddie Vedder’s act.  Just a little bit.  But added Jesus to it.
That’s two strikes, dog.  Jesus isn’t like bread.  (Bread is universal – you can add it to any meal and it’s fine – try that with Cheerios – it doesn’t work.  You can’t pour Cheerios on spaghetti, but you can drop a slice of bread on or at least next to just about anything and it’s fine.)

And just what in the hell is this song about, anyway?
Then I realized the song was literally about Jesus.  You see how he’s avoiding temptation at 0:25 and again at 0:45?  That’s not an accident, folks.  Upon further reflection, it’s a little heavy-handed for me…  the whole “avoid temptation so you can go “higher.”  It’s very “do as I do” instead of “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  (That’s right, bitches – Matthew 19:19 style!  SJA represent!)  This “To a place where blind men see” business is pretentious at best.  Jesus healed a blind man in Mark 8:22-25.  I’m right there with ya!  CCD, yo!  Anyway, it’s too much; I’m just not into people trying to minister to me – especially when they’re not any good at it.  Some people are into it, some people don’t mind – I mind.  And, I’m embarrassed this took young Jamie an entire week to notice and even longer to figure out.  (Young Jamie wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box.)

If you feel that everything I’ve pointed out in “Higher” is circumstantial, please observe:

(Oh, and employing an orchestra at this early stage in your career?  It’s a big mistake.  The sooner you break out the orchestra, the sooner your band fades away.  We’ve done the research.)

Anyway, just looking at that weird reference I made in a Green Lantern review for no particular reason other than one bad thing reminded me of another bad thing, I relived all of that in just a few moments and began to wonder:  just what happened to Creed?

First of all, Creed is apparently still together.  And sort of touring.  By “sort of,” I’m under the impression that they haven’t done a major tour since 2002 based on what I’ve seen on ye olde internet.  They have done smaller tours since, and I’ve noticed that not only did a band called Eve to Adam (yeesh!) open for them in 2012, but people who still like Creed still really like Creed.  As in, “Creed – Moved me, best show I’ve seen in years!  …  From the moment they took the stage they captivated with their energy, and Scott Stapp’s powerful voice.”  That’s what I call a ringing endorsement.

Not only that, but the aforementioned Mr. Stapp has a 15 show tour scheduled for this year.  His new song, “Slow Suicide,” uhm, the first verse kinda seems like an apology for child abuse.  And later, he seems to be promising he won’t do it again, and it hurts him more than it hurts the kid…  yeah, the pairing of the images and lyrics are… yeoch is what they are.

This song promoted me to check out the ol’ Scott Stapp wikipedia page:

Legal troubles

In July 2002, he was detained by Florida police and charged with reckless driving after he drove his SUV off the road before swerving back into the proper lane. He was released from custody after posting $500.[42]

He was also arrested February 12, 2006, one day after his second marriage, for suspected intoxication.[43]

On May 20, 2007, he was charged with felony assault stemming from a domestic violence incident; upon returning home after a night of partying, Stapp was questioned by his wife Jaclyn and got defensive and threw a bottle of Orangina at her.

Wait, wait, wait.  Orangina?  He threw a Orangina at her?  There’s abuse and then there’s being a monster.


On the other hand, some Orangina ads do kinda make the drink look like a false idol.

She called the police and her husband was taken into custody and charged with one count of assault; Stapp was later set free on supervised release.[44] Stapp apologized to his wife and the public on May 23, 2007, and the charge was later dropped.[45]

A sex tape of Stapp and Kid Rock receiving oral sex from a group of women on a tour bus in 1999 became public in 2006. In an interview about the 45-minute video, Stapp said he did not believe oral sex was actual sex. Stapp says he and Kid Rock have not spoken since the tape became public.[46]
Suicide attempts

In 2003, he contemplated suicide after drinking a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey. He retrieved two MP5s from his collection, put the guns to his head, but did not pull the triggers after looking at a picture of his son, Jagger. He stated in an interview with Rolling Stone that he was convinced that anyone involved with Creed wanted him dead so he would become a “Kurt Cobain martyr-type” and increase record sales. Says Scott, “I had crazy thoughts going through my head.”[47] He later said that instead of killing himself, he fired a few rounds in his home. He said, “I was in the throes of prednisone coming out of my body […] I shot a few rounds off and instantly was like, ‘What the hell am I doing?’ So I put the guns away and ran out to the garage and got the putty and patched the holes.”[48]

In a promotional appearance in support of his new memoir, Stapp explained on a VH-1 television show that he had attempted suicide in Miami and that the rapper T.I. had saved him. It is not immediately clear when this occurred, though Stapp implied it had taken place well after 2004.

Kid Rock?  Well, that’s your own fault.  Kurt Cobain?  I’m not his biggest fan, but, dude, don’t flatter yourself.  T.I. – huh.  That is the last person I expected to be mentioned.

I’m a fan of many artists who aren’t great at making good choices on both a small and also on a larger scale, but – damn, dogg.  When the most normal thing I’ve ever heard you say was, “I shot a few rounds off and instantly was like, ‘What the hell am I doing?’ So I put the guns away and ran out to the garage and got the putty and patched the holes,” that is NOT  good sign.

So… yeah.  That’s what happened with the guy from Creed.  Kinda sorry I asked.

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