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A few weeks ago, I dropped a quick movie review of Nebraska which stated that the film was so good, there wasn’t much else for me to say. That Awkward Moment is the antithesis of Nebraska; it sucks so bad, there’s just not much to talk about. Zac Efron, Miles Teller (who manages to not annoy me in the way a similar character did in I Give it a Year – which isn’t nearly as good as this movie, by the way – if that means anything) and Michael B. Jordan are all fine actors and funny dudes, but even quality performances can’t save a screenplay this bad. The movie is centered around three dudes talking, and men just don’t talk this way, nor would women fantasize they would, leaving me to wonder exactly who this movie is for. The story isn’t even by the numbers – that’s giving it too much credit. This story is watercolors bad. That’s how predictable it is; I got up and went to the bathroom and missed about 3 minutes because I knew I wouldn’t miss anything I couldn’t figure out in five seconds and I was RIGHT! No one can save this movie from itself.

But, I’ve seen worse movies, so let’s give That Awkward Moment a 4 out of 10 and be done with it. (The movie’s title reminds me of that old Drifters song “This Magic Moment,” which is currently stuck in my head, so I can thank them for that.)

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