I Hate Valentine’s Day movie review

I Hate Valentine’s Day is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. It’s poorly written and cheap looking… But to be fair, most of the camera work is well done. (That’s about the only nice thing I can say about this movie.)

The problems start immediately. The opening credits are a bizarre throwback to an early 90s movie making style, but some how look even crappier than the opening to Clerks.  One scene ends with a bizzare Star Wars styled whipe, yet it’s clear that Sex and the City was a major inspiration for the screenplay, but the movie features almost no sex…  Anyway, every character looks up to the protagonist as if she’s a brilliant woman, but it’s clear after only the first few moments of the movie that she’s completely insane, and since the other characters can’t see it, that makes them all idiots, so there’s no reason to listen to anything they say.   Speaking of the characters… well, they’re all unmemorable and all of the acting is super hammy. Every scene feels like filler – the constant nonsensical recycling of sets enforces this feeling throughout the film. The second act is shockingly long and the third act ups the cheese factor to a level that I did not think was possible. It does have a sincere “it’s so bad it’s good” factor going for it,  but it’s just too long and too boring. 

I know it sounds impossible, but they found a way to make My Big Fat Greek Wedding even worse. I’m giving I Hate Valentine’s Day a 2 out of 10. I can’t recommend this movie to anybody; not rom com fans nor so bad it’s good fans or even the general audiences. This movie takes no chances and serves no one.

If you want to watch this crap fest, it’s streaming on netflix.


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