Battling Icicles (meme edition)


Had enough winter yet?  Yeah, I’m kinda done, too.  No matter where you live, there’s no escaping the winter of 2014.  The snow, ice and frigid temperatures are pounding one and all with reckless abandon.  Even the American south isn’t  safe and now, I’ve reached a point where I don’t have any place left to store the snow.  And it just keeps coming.


Here’s a photo from a particularly difficult day of shoveling – the snow was so saturated with water that it seemed to quadruple in weight.  And as the shoveling went on, it became more difficult as we’d have to lift it higher and higher to get it on top of the ever-growing pile of snow.


OK, OK – point taken.  Enough with the snow shoveling and on to the icicles.

The icicles got totally out of control before I knew it was happening.  I should have expected it, but once the problem became evident, I had to act.

Oh, what’s the problem, you ask?  Impending death from above, that’s what!

long-icicles-on-roof-nightIn case it isn’t evident from the photo, I’ll state it now:  these icicles are over two feet in length.  I imagine that if one of these broke off and hit you – well, that’d be a bad day for anybody.

icicles-on-roofLook at this nonsense!  It’s a Tim Burton styled winter forest of frozen death!

icicles-on-groundThese things look like they activate the computer in the fortress of solitude.

Anyway, I needed to find a way to knock these things off the roof, meaning I needed to not only just reach the roof, but knock the damn icicles down in a way that wouldn’t kill me in the process.

Hence, the Icicle Breaker 5000!

icicle-breakerIt might just be a snow shovel with a broom duct taped to it, but it worked.  And better than that, I was able to avoid the Bob Costas eye.


They should have sent Marv Albert – I bet that guy’s immune system is super powerful after a lifetime of being exposed to… well, everything, given that dude’s personal habits.

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