A lot of movies feature protagonists that are writers

We’ve discovered an alarming trend of characters (mostly protagonists) employed as writers in various works of fiction we’ve encountered – especially at the movies. For example:

  • The dad in August: Osage County is a well known, published writer.
  • The husband in I Give it a Year has published one novel and is struggling with his second.
  • Just about everyone except the mom and her new husband are writers in Stuck in Love; [SPOILERS!] the dad is a well known, published writer, the daughter publishes a book mid-movie and the son publishes a short story at the end of movie
  • Everyone in Wonder Boys is a writer, but it’s at least central to the plot of the movie
  • Everyone in No Man’s Land is a writer… maybe specifically a poet?
  • Colin Firth is a writer in Love Actually

And this is characters we’ve noticed just in the last two or so weeks. I’ve heard the adage, "Write what you know," but this is ridiculous.


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