Oh Hai, PR People!

I get emails from PR people all the time.  It’s kinda gonzo that people send me stuff in an “If this guy writes something about my client, that could help.”  I like that.  And I have nothing against PR people.  But, I often feel that they are only thinking about appealing to one audience instead of many.  This usually ends up doing a disservice to everyone:  the PR person, their client, me and the reader.

You see, most of these mails are concerning one song or an album, and the song they choose to highlight is always an attempt at appearing on Billboard’s Hot 100.  That’s a mistake.  I’m a self publishing blogger who writes reviews in his spare time:  don’t send me the single, send me the prestige piece!  There’s a link to a post called “12 Songs That Are Really Only 5 Songs” on my home page, for the love of Ruth. It happens so often; I’ll listen to the song they send me, and a second song comes on automatically via the page’s playlist, and it’ll be an infinitely superior song.  It’ll be full of imagination and originality and thus end up being everything the first song was not.

I almost never end up writing anything about these bands, unless I really enjoy their music, because I simply won’t write anything bad about somebody who’s trying to get their career started – so I end up writing nothing at all.  I could simply highlight the better song on my own, but there’s such a flood of artists pouring into my inbox that I can’t keep up.

I guess I’m saying this:  I’m a dork – treat me like one when you pick which song you choose to promote.  And maybe limit it to one artist a week.

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