Disney Parks Versus: Space Mountain

It’s time for another installment of Disney Parks Versus – the only series of posts where it’s Walt Disney World versus Disneyland! Today, we’ll take a look at the roller coaster that nearly scared the Disney out of me as a kid: Space Mountain, located at Tomorrowland in each respective park.

So which ride is better? It’s sort of a tie… sort of.

Presentation: Disneyland
Disneyland’s version of Space Mountain has better seats, sound system, music, lights, visual elements… basically, everything about the presentation is better at Disneyland. The line ever seems better organized… although I must say that DIsney World does have much cooler stuff to look at and play with on their line.

The actual roller coaster: Disney World
Here’s where Disneyland runs into trouble. Disneyland specifically bills their Space Mountain as "a roller coaster type ride" rather than a roller coaster because.. it’s not much of a roller coaster. It doesn’t have any notable drops and it’s not especially fast, while Disney World does a fairly good job of tearing it up. This makes for a smoother ride in California, but Florida has it where it counts: speed and drops.

They’re both fun rides, but they’re different. If you aren’t a big roller coaster fan, Disneyland’s Space Mountain is for you, but if you’re looking for thrills, you’ll need to head down to Florida.

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