The 7 Best Episodes of The Simpsons, season 1

NOTE: hey, it’s the 21st century – we’re pressed for time here!

Let me take you back to a time when The Simpsons wasn’t one of the longest running shows in television history, when the coat-tail riders and pretenders weren’t even a gleam in Homer’s eye… Yeah, we’re talking Season 1 style, back when the animation was rough and the show was still finding it’s legs. I humbly present to you the 7 Best Episodes of The Simpsons, season 1!

Here they are, in no particular order:

"Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire"
This was the first episode to air (although "Some Enchanted Evening" was initially scheduled) and it won my young heart right away. Hey, they get a dog for Christmas – how could I not love it?

"Bart the Genius"
Oh Bart, you lovable little scamp – you grabbed us right from the beginning. This episode brought a lot of depth to a then new character, giving us a well rounded person to connect with instead of the "Underachiever and proud of it" character, who was a bit flatter.

"Bart the General"
And then they hit it out of the park! I think this was the first real classic; it’s got the movie parodies, the images, the characters, the story. This is an example of the show hitting it’s stride early on. This episode became something of a model that some future episodes followed.

"The Telltale Head"
This episode has the weird distinction of being one of the few (the only) episode to have a title at the beginning. It doesn’t stick out in my mind the way "Bart the General" does, but it’s a great episode.

"Life on the Fast Lane"
I’m always a bit surprised that this is a season 1 episode – that’s two episodes (along with "Some Enchanted Evening") about Homer and Marge’s marital problems in a 13 episode season.

"The Crepes of Wrath"
Bart as an exchange student in France – I love it. The French police officer cracks me up: "They put antifreeze in the wine? This is a serious crime!"

"Krusty Gets Busted"
Ah, the episode that paved the way for endless ‘Side Show Bob seeks his revenge on Bart’ episodes. Fantastic!

honorable mention for "Homer’s Odyssey" because of the awesome protest song which is probably a parody of something i should know

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  1. Yeah they should do another Simpsons album but this time go gangsta rap the new version of deep deep trouble, have bart kill Skinner

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