Disney Parks Versus: Radiator Springs Racers vs. Test Track

It’s time for another installment of Disney Parks Versus – the only series of posts where attractions at Walt Disney World and Disneyland fight a grudge match to the death! Today, we’ll take a look at the slot car dark rides Radiator Springs Racers from Disneyland’s California Adventure at Cars Land and Test Track of Future World, found at EPCOT in Walt Disney World.

Essentially, we’re talking about the same thing in two different wrappers – kinda like Pac Man and Miss Pac Man. Both attractions have a lengthy indoor component that wanders around twists and turns, then they both go outside and take you to each attraction’s maximum speed. On paper, they seem like the same thing, but…

The Radiator Springs Racers indoor segment is better than both versions of Test Track combined. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the new version of Test Track is inferior to the old one. ("Presented by Chevrolet?" Oy. I thought we were done with the blatant product placement after If You Had Wings closed.) The original version of Test Track might have had a serious cheese factor, but the new version is like a really boring Iron Man simulator.

On the other hand, Test Track’s got it where it counts. The outdoor stage of Test Track features blistering speed when compared to Radiator Springs Racers outdoor race, but Radiator Springs Racers’ outdoor area is a lot more fun. It features a lot of variety (hills, scenery, that sort of thing) than its Test Track counterpart.

If you feel the need for speed, then I’d say Test Track is the ride for you, but in terms of overall experience, I’m giving Radiator Springs Racers the nod as the better of the two rides.

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