Kick Ass 2 movie review

This is one of those trailers that includes several lines that don’t actually appear in the movie.

I finally got around to seeing Kick Ass 2 and while I wasn’t necessarily disappointed, the movie is far from perfect and certainly lacks the charm of the first installment.

The movie has two major issues: an uneven tone and fleeting story elements.

The tone issues seminate from the character’s constantly referring to the idea that they live in the real world with real danger, but this only applies to our primary cast. The goons and punks that serve as canon fodder are treated without humanity as they are comically beat to a pulp, including digital blood splatters and digital diarrhea. I’m fine with playing violence for laughs but you can’t constantly point out that the threat of violence is a real thing and then whack someone in the chest with a baseball bat or dismember people with a knife on a staff and digitally shoot blood everywhere while the main characters sustain no serious injury of any kind… What I mean is, don’t talk about violence in a realistic way and then depict it in a ridiculous way in the same movie.

The story elements have a “I don’t know what they were thinking” sort of thing going on. You get the impression that Colonel Stars and Strips is going to be a major player in the flick, but he’s barely in the movie. The romance between Night Bitch and Kick Ass just goes away at some point… It’s a big deal that Hit Girl is skipping school, but has no one noticed that Kick Ass is, too? If the movie had better overall construction, it’d be easier to ignore these issues… but it doesn’t.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed Kick Ass 2. Nothing bad happens to the dog or Donald Faison, so that’s a big plus for me as I love animals and Faison should be in every movie. I’m giving this flick a 6.5 out of 10 – let’s call it a solid recommendation for fans of the genre, but no promise of greatness.

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  1. This one’s definitely a lot more uneven than the first, and that’s a big problem. Secondly, the action isn’t as good as it should be, but still delivers when it wants to. Needless to say, I just wanted more action, and more of a cohesive tone that didn’t split itself every time it tried to switch itself up. Good review Jamie.

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