5 Things I Never Payed Much Attention To From A Christmas Story


This trailer is terrible, but it does at least show many key scenes from the movie.

Like many other folks, I’ve seen A Christmas Story an uncountable number of times because it’s one of the best movies ever.  Every image pops right off the screen, every beat is perfectly crafted, every line is impeccably delivered… and so on.  Since to list everything that is great about this movie is to mention every single second of footage, today, I’ll just point out a few things that I’ve seen a million times before but just never gave much thought to.  

Window Shopping:  The Tank
During that opening window shopping scene, there is this toy tank that is putting along in the window display – unlike everything else in the scene, it seems to work as though it was set in a real store’s window display, but this tank just slams into a wall and stops.

“Yes, Ester Jane?”
When Ms. Schwartz asks the kids in class where Flick is, the girl who points out the window’s name is Ester Jane.  What the hell kind of name is Ester Jane?  What a mouth full.  Sounds like estrogen.

“My mother was trying to insinuate herself between us and the statue.”

What an unusual way to use “insinuate.”  It’s not wrong, mind you – it’s just unusual and the last definition for the word in every dictionary I checked – and one dictionary didn’t even have this definition, but only two.

The Music
All of the original music and the arrangements of existing tunes are top notch in A Christmas Story.  I love that “kids at play” theme, the danger theme, but also the fantastic arrangement of “Deck the Halls” that starts the movie.   Every bit of music is just excellent and deserves attention.

“What a tasty little boy!” 
When Ralphie is waiting in line to see Santa with his brother and the Oz fan, the Wicked Witch of the West explains upon seeing Ralphie, “What a tasty little boy!”  That is a weird thing to say to a kid you do know, never mind a stranger.  I get that she’s a witch and there are some witches that eat kids, but that’s in fairy tales (that do not include the The Wizard of Oz) and not something one should shout, costumed or otherwise, in a crowded department store!

I hope you enjoyed this brief tour through overlooked moments from A Christmas Story!  You can find our other Christmas Movie and Christmas Posts at these respective links!

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