Holiday Spin movie review

“We don’t know what’s happening here, either.”

A lot of these made for TV Christmas movies are ripoffs of other movies and Holiday Spin is no exception, except that I’ve never seen a ripoff of Save the Last Dance before.

Instead of the female and male leads being from different sides of the tracks, they’re from different cities. The male lead at first resists dancing in favor of MMA fighting, giving this flick a tiny hint of The Cutting Edge, but his character actually is a trained dancer and simply gave it up because other kids made fun of him, so it’s more of a return to his roots than a true change in character. Anyway, the movie has a very silly bad guy that doesn’t go as far as The Karate Kid Part 3 bad guy, which is too bad, because those nut jobs are some of my favorite movie villains ever.

Speaking of The Karate Kid Part 3, The best thing about Holiday Spin is Ralph Macchio as the estranged dad. He doesn’t look his age (He must be at least 50 when this movie was made), he just looks different from… I dunno, when he made The Karate Kid Part 3 or My Cousin Vinnie 20 some odd years ago. No fifty years old, just different. The script doesn’t give him a lot to work with and the movie keeps making him teach dance moves even though he’s clearly the least competent dancer in the flick, but I’ll take whatever Macchio I can get.

They kinda forgot something when they were making this flick… Holiday Spin is as much of a Christmas movie as Batman Returns is – they both just happen to take place at Christmas time; it really has nothing to do with the story. Anyway, this movie is lame and repetitive, but well crafted, even if silly. It flows nicely and somehow manages to keep things fresh even though they’re repetitive. I give Holiday Spin a 5 out of 10 for not putting me to sleep.

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