Sad Dog is manipulating us!

Look, sometimes we at need to unsubscribe from whatever internet BS we’re participating in. That’s how life is and everyone needs to accept that. What does NOT need to happen is an attempt to manipulate us with a photo of a sad dog. There’s images and then there’s going below the belt, and this just made me reach for my suspenders or whatever. We like to believe that we at have the very highest of animal standards, but please, internet, don’t put us in the position of having to say no to any dog, never mind a sad one. Now I’m going to end up adopting another pet because of this, which is not a bad thing, but our cup runeth over (Holy Grail!), you know? I’ve been bitten by so many species at this point that I really ought to have a super power by now. (Granted, my super power would probably end up being peeing on the furniture…)

Anyway, stop trying to manipulate us with adorable animals.

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