Holiday Switch movie review

“Look, mommy! I’m making Santa Monsters!”

Holiday Switch isn’t as “Peggy Sue Got Married” as Comfort and Joy is, but it’s in the same ballpark: it’s another, “What if I had this life?” sort of stories with an actress from 80s TV. This time, we get Charles in Charge’s Nicole Eggert, who was very popular amongst the boys in my sixth grade class.

“We have no money. My husband is going to work. The kids are going to school. I’m going to do nothing.”

This quote I made up is Paula’s character (Eggert) in a nutshell. She’s horribly written. It’s fine to have a character be all Scooge-ish in the beginning, but there are somethings you can walk back, like greed. That’s easily fixable – just spend money on a worthy cause. But if you’re an awful wife, mother and all around human being, that’s harder to fix in a late second act revelation. Paula is mostly nice to the kids to their face, but she doesn’t seem to like them very much until they’re taken away. Her husband, meanwhile, is so busy that he doesn’t have time to fix things in the house that are inside his area of expertise but Paula has plenty of time to hassle him about their lack of money. Maybe it’s true that some people need a good hard slap to wake up from their funk and see what they have right in front of them, but Paula required a visit to an alternate reality… which actually seems about right.

How does one visit an Alternate Reality? Through the dryer, of course!

Hey, sometimes you can leave one universe and exit into another via the dryer! I thought for sure that she’d have to come back via the washing machine, but… I dunno… the broken Christmas ornament opened the portal and receiving the same ornament as a new gift sent her back? Not sure I follow the logic, but whatever.

Photo humping.

When Paula first enters the alternate reality, she’s so excited to find herself married to Money Bags that she basically dry humps their wedding photo. And, apparently, they’re getting divorced, which is a divorce she initiated prior to arriving in the AR… so why does she still have the photo at her bedside? That’s just one of this movie’s many logic errors, most of which I’m glad to say I’ve already drank away.

This movie is shlock; it’s repetitive and its characters are charmless, but at the same time, Holiday Switch has a “so bad it’s good” quality that I can’t ignore, plus I just can’t ignore Nicole Eggert! (We’ve got another one of her cheap Christmas movies lying around here somewhere…) Anyway, I’m giving Holiday Switch a 3.5 out of 5 for its blatant disregard for a photograph’s basic inalienable rights.

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