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Former The Facts of Life all-star Nancy McKeon (she was Jo) is the lead in Comfort and Joy, a made for TV Christmas movie that has two major problems:

1. The Protagonist’s first name is Jane, not Joy. What were they thinking? A missed opportunity, I feel!

2. “A mysterious thing, time. Powerful – but when meddled with, dangerous.” Dumbledore knew what he was talking about back in the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban days. It’s not easy to write about time travel and unless you know what you’re doing, it’s never a good idea to do so. Yeah, I guess I’m spoiling the end of the movie for you, but whatever. Comfort and Joy tries to leave you the appropriate bread crumbs (as this is essentially a Peggy Sue Got Married transformed into a Christmas movie rip off), but it just doesn’t work because I wasn’t able to figure out that Jane had traveled forward through time until the last five minutes of the movie. I don’t think I was supposed to know until then, but it just made a lot of the movie a disjointed mess full of arbitrary dialogue that ate up running time and made one conversation near the end of the movie sound crazy. At the time, I thought that the writer had completely forgotten the protagonist that he had been established throughout the bulk of the movie, but since no real ending was in sight, something had to happen to get things back to where they were, so blame-o! Time travel. I thought they was doing an alternate universe/alternate time line thing, but then the characters started making references to alternative universes, so that would have been a bit too much on the nose… anyway, the movie resolved itself, so that’ll have to do.  (I hate to spoiler another movie for you, but A Snow Globe Christmas is almost the exact same movie.)

To be fair, Comfort and Joy is repetitive, but it’s a decent film for a Christmas TV movie. It has nice production values, performances, and just general atmosphere – the people who were on the ground making the movie gave a shiz, even if the screen writer did not. I can’t find a trailer for this flick, so you’ll just have to give it a go the next time LifeTime airs this gem. I give Comfort and Joy a 4.5 out of 10 because although the writing was lazy, nothing else was.

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