New Vehicle Survey Makes Common App Look Like Golden Step Ahead


We had to buy a new car this year because life happens. Now, we’re being inundated with these crazy new vehicle surveys.  
These surveys are insanely long – like 12 pages long. It’s like applying for college. I feel like they’re producing an A&E Biography on us and the car. They’re out of their minds if they think I’m going to take the two hours out of my day to fill this out.

Why would someone fill this out in the first place? They promise you they’ll enter you into a drawing to win:

Or an iphone
Or an ipad

This reminds me of those old cereal commercial contests: “Many will enter – few will win!”  But come on -I’m a grown man! I’m not falling for this nonsense.

Now let’s see what made for TV Christmas movies are on…

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