4 Stupid Things TV & Movies Do With Guns

I watch a lot of movies and a fair amount of TV and I keep seeing fictional law enforcement, bad guys and vigilantes taking the law into their own hands without a second’s thought to how to handle a gun properly.  Sure, I give gun nuts a hard time, but I do actually like guns and I wish and I’d like to advocate for safe usage.  With that in mind, here are 4 Stupid Things TV & Movies Do With Guns that you should NEVER, EVER do in real life.  Guns are dangerous weapons and, at the same time, they can be a valuable tool, but they’re not toys and they’re certainly not for looking cool… unless you’re holding a rubber prop, then do whatever you want.  But in real life, Don’t Do what Donny Don’t Does.
Don’t hold the gun up by your face.
So many cops in so many TV shows and movies do this right before they kick down a door – I think it’s because these shots are often close-ups and the director wants the gun to be in the shot, so instead of pointing the gun at the ground like one would actually do, they hold it up by their face.  If you’re not ready to shoot, point the gun at the ground; that way, if you have an accident, at least you just shot yourself in the foot instead of the damn head.
Don’t hide behind car doors from gun fire.
People love to hide behind car doors in a shoot out on TV and in the movies, and although I’ve never tested this myself, I’m fairly certain that bullets go through stuff, and that probably includes car doors.  It’s good that the shooter can’t see you, but that’s where your protection ends.
Don’t Hammer Fan.
Cowboys love to hammer fan.  I imagine slapping a revolver’s hammer would simply destroy any chance you might have at actually hitting your target, but it does look cool.  You’d also lose the support of your hand under the butt, which seems like it would further diminish your accuracy as guns are not light…  basically, I’m saying I wouldn’t want to be lying flat on the ground 3 feet in front of someone who’s hammer fanning because I imagine that’s where most of the bullets end up.
If your friend has been shot, don’t just stand there staring at him!

Don’t Twirl the gun on your finger.
Holy hell, do not twirl a gun on your finger!  This may be the worst idea ever.  That thing you’re twirling the gun around?  Pretty sure that’s called the trigger guard, which should make it clear to anyone that the trigger is right there, so it’s a good idea to exercise caution around this part of the gun!

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