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You know who I like? Dean Cain. I’ve been mentioning him a lot lately – the dude just keeps popping up. You know who’s another person that exists? Jodie Sweetin. She played Stephanie on Full House… and in retrospect, I’m not sure if that or Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was more realistic. Anyway, they’ve both teamed up to bring us Defending Santa, and by ‘teamed up,’ I mean Sweetin is almost entirely absent from the second and third acts of the movie.

Defending Santa is nothing special, but it’s not boring. It’s essentially a poorly written sci-fi/fantasy rip off of Miracle on 34th Street and it’s held together by the sheer will of aforementioned Sweetin, superstar Cain and Jud Tylor, the female protagonist. Still, it’s never boring, because this happens:

and the movie has AWFUL digital special effects. Between green screen parachuting Santa (awesome concept but looks like shiz) and the fake snow that sits on the movie like a layer of shiz on a birthday cake… whew. But I’ve seen worse made for TV Christmas movies.

It’s predictable, the pace isn’t great and the writing and special effects are awful (it’s especially hard to believe that the writing is so bad even though they’re directly lifting so much from a classic), but some of the performances are fun (Cain, Sweetin, Tylor and Bill Lewis as Santa), so let’s just give Defending Santa a 5 out of 10 and call it a day.

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