Star Wars and Marvel Outdoor Christmas Decorations make my brain go KABOOM!

Last year, I saw this Yoda outdoor Christmas decoration at the store and my mind was, to some degree, blown. This year, by brain is getting the Maxell treatment.

Yoda! Darth Vader! And so many styles! Although, I do have to say, when you make the lightsaber that small, it’s kinda… you know… looks like… not very Christmas-y. I wouldn’t put it in my front yard, put it that way. And of course, we have the trio of Captain America, Iron Man and The Hulk (despite the fact that the Holy Trinity of The Avengers is Cap, The Armored Avenger and Thor, but I guess The God of Thunder isn’t cartoonish enough for this sort of decoration) doing their best to spread Christmas cheer.

As a kid, I never thought in a million years that these sort of decorations would exist. I don’t feel compelled to run out and buy them (mostly because they look like shiz), but I sure am glad they exist.

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