I’m Married to Batman Christmas Special Pt 2 – So that’s what that feels like

As promised, here’s the second part of the I’m Married to Batman Christmas Special!  You don’t need to watch them in order, but you can check out part one here.


This was filmed using the Canon VIXIA HF M300 and edited in Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.   I used a 1000 LED light as the key light and a 500 LED light for fill light – there really is no back light, so three-point lighting went out the window.  I filled the gaps in as best I could with some simple work lights; there are two behind the tree and another one behind the arm-chair.  I filmed both parts of the Christmas Special by myself in January of 2013 and didn’t start editing until the following November, and now I can’t remember if I used the camera mic or the boom mic to record that one sentence of dialogue.  Dr. Girlfriend does not appear in either of the Christmas Specials, which is a total break in I’m Married to Batman format.  “So that’s what that feels like,” got a big laugh when we saw The Dark Knight Rises in the theater, so I pegged it as one of the iconic lines of dialogue from the film.  Speaking of iconic lines from The Dark Knight Rises, we have talked about doing a “You have my permission to die” episode in 2014, but nothing has been scheduled yet.

“I’m Married to Batman!” is largely influenced by Christian Bale’s portrayal of Batman in the Christopher Nolan series, Dark Knight Trilogy, or whatever the hell they’re calling it these days.

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Check back for part 2 coming soon in December of 2013!

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