Oh Hai, Outlook – watcha doin' with that spam?

Microsoft Outlook may be the most mysterious program I’ve ever used. Sure, some programs are complex or don’t have a great interface, but sometimes, Microsoft Outlook just decides it’s gonna do da f*ck what it wants ta do, beotch!

For example, I’ll be moving through my inbox, deleting unwanted mails and then BOOM! It brings me back up to the top of the list. Another great thing Outlook likes to do is randomly assign what email account it will send a mail from. That’s fun, too.

My favorite Outlook quirk is, however, when somehow an email is so incredibly heinous that it will get marked as a "***VIRUS***" in the subject line, but Outlook will still put it in the inbox folder. Really, Outlook? How about we go with the Junk folder for this stuff? Maybe it’s not Outlook’s fault – maybe my anti-virus is marking the emails, but you’d think the most successful software company in the history of the industry could figure out that "***VIRUS***" means bad and take the appropriate action.

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