4 Reasons why Fred Claus sucks (quick movie review)

What can I say about Fred Claus? Well, it sucks… but given its user ratings on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, you already knew that. Perhaps I should ask “What can I say about Fred Claus that you don’t already know?” Not much, so this is going to be a quick one.

A quality cast does not equal a quality film

The following actors all have prominent roles in this film:
Vince Vaughn
Paul Giamatti
Kathy Bates
Rachel Weisz
Kevin Spacey
Elizabeth Banks

I think we can all agree that Vince Vaughn doesn’t belong on that list, but it’s not like he’s a bad actor, he’s just not great. The fact that this movie packs this much star power and still sucks is astounding, but there it is, Batman and Robin style.

The flattest jokes EVER

I can’t remember the last time I watched a comedy and didn’t even crack a smile once. NOT. ONCE. Holy ass crackers is this movie unfunny. It’s past the point of unfunny – you might have had a small smirk on your face from something cute your dog just did, but then comes Fred Claus to wipe that clean off your mug.

Montage much?

This movie has enough montages to make Rocky IV blush. It’s like the movie had to be 119 minutes or else nobody got paid.

Fred Claus is BORING!

I’ve already mentioned the unfunny jokes and the padded running time, and those both contribute to the bore factor, but holy hell is this movie BORING! Somebody take my pulse, I think I might have died and not realized it while I was watching this damn flick!

I’m giving Fred Claus a 1 out of 10. This movie is awful and it has no excuse: it had the cast, competent crew and budget to make it all happen, but this movie is a total dud.

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