Oh Hai, Zion Oil – wait, what?

Zion Oil and Gas is a publicly traded company that – get this – believes that the Old Testament of the Bible is telling it to drill for natural resources in Israel.

Yep, it’s basically the Blues Brothers of business models, but instead of doing something noble like saving an orphanage, they’re trying to make money by drilling for that which is probably not there based on what are most likely poorly translated verses from the books of Genesis and Deuteronomy as the Bible is most likely referring to olive oil rather than petroleum. (Of course, it would be delicious if cars ran on olive oil, but then, what would I sauté in? WHAT, I ask you?) Zion seems to be conscious of the translation issue as they mention it in the video below around the 3:37 mark.

So… wait, what? It kinda sounds like they’re saying the Bible is wrong, which sounds way out of character for these sort of folks… or, more likely, they’re telling linguists, interpreters and other scholars that they’re wrong and they’re not interpreting the language correctly. Instead, it’s John M. Brown, who is the chairman and founder of Zion and, as I understand it, has no training in the highly technical oil and gas business but instead has a background in hardware… it’s this guy who has cracked the code and believes that God wants him to find oil in Israel.

I dunno about this guy. Sounds shady to me… and if you’re wondering why God needs oil, well, I would think that would be obvious: to power his star ship!

If you’re looking for something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, I’ll just throw it out there and say be thankful that you’re not invested in Zion.

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