I’m Married to Batman Christmas Special Pt 1 – Do They Know It’s Christmas?

As promised, here’s the first new I’m Married to Batman episode in over a year!  See Batman DANCE!  And, as an added bonus, part 2 of our Christmas Special is coming up in December.

im-married-to-batman-christmas-special-do-they-know-its-christmasTECHNICAL NOTES:
This was filmed using a Canon VIXIA HF M300 and edited in Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.   I used a 1000 LED light as my key and a 500 LED light for fill.  I filled the gaps in as best I can with some simple work lights; there are two behind the tree and another one behind the chair.  I filmed this by myself in January of 2013 and didn’t edit it until the following November, so I can’t for the life of me remember if I used the camera mic or the boom mic to record that one sentence of dialogue.  This is also the only episode of I’m Married to Batman during which Batman breaks the fourth wall and the only episode during which Dr. Girlfriend does not appear.  For some reason, getting the shot of my foot taping lined up took forever – I was never able to get what I had planned, but that Batman costume is a drag to wear, so my patience wore thin quickly.  (It really rides up on the neck!)  We heard “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” by Band Aid a zillion times each holiday season and I thought I thought it fit perfectly with what I felt was an iconic line of dialogue from The Dark Knight Rises.  I made such a big deal of finding a place to put that pool skimmer in the wide shot and I never got up and played it like a guitar while dancing around… I very much regret never getting out of the chair… oh well.

“I’m Married to Batman!” is largely influenced by Christian Bale’s portrayal of Batman in the Christopher Nolan series.

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For those that like animated GIFs, here you go.

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Check back for part 2 coming soon in December of 2013!

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