Christmas Cupid (sorta quick movie review)

Christmas Cupid is, essentially, a comedic retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, which is something I’m sure everyone has seen a million times before. (Most notably done via Scrooged starring Bill Murray, which I’ve never written about before… we’ll have to get to that this year!) All you really need to know is that this movie has some decent performances, the story isn’t terrible because it’s based on Dickens and the film drags a bit – it’s lazy and mediocre, but I’ve seen worse Christmas movies… A Nanny for Christmasdon’t think I forgot about you.

Anyway, Christmas Cupid stars Ashley Benson (who I don’t know but thought was pretty good), Christina Milian (she’s fine, but not great), Chad Michael Murray (who people know but I don’t – he’s good), Jackée Harry (you know, from 227… anyone, anyone? 227?) and Ashley Johnson (you know, Chrissy Seaver from Growing Pains! Apparently she also played Mel Gibson’s daughter in What Women Want… did anyone actually see that movie?).

This movie isn’t torture to sit through, but it’s certainly not great. I’ve seen lazier and cheaper movies (I swear, A Nanny for Christmas, you are going to get such a beating…), and while this movie does its best to keep the budget down by reusing locations over and over, the camera moves nicely and the production is top-notch. This is the sort of movie that no one wanted to put max effort into but they didn’t want to be embarrassed by, either – well, they didn’t want to be mortified by it, let’s put it that way. This movie is a waste of your time, but if you love crappy Christmas movies (or laughing at their expense), you should check this one out.

Oh, I should also mention: despite being an ABC family production, this movie is not very family friendly. For example, this movie’s Jacob Marley is an out of control mid twenties alcoholic who dies from choking on a martini olive and Christmas Cupid is not exactly sparse when it comes to young lady eye candy. Also a group of cheer leaders reminds the protagonist – via cheer mind you – “You put out!” So yeah, this movie is down with sex in high school. So, you know… for the whole family! Parents won’t find watching this movie with their 12-year-old daughter awkward at all… and by ‘won’t find it awkward,’ I mean Dad will be hiding in the kitchen after the first half hour.

Christmas Cupid is streaming on Netflix or you can check out the full movie right here via YouTube.

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