Do you want to tell Lady Gaga her dress can’t fly, or should I?

Lady Gaga has unveiled VOLANTIS, which she is calling the World’s First Flying Dress.  In reality, it’s just a helicopter/inverted hovercraft sort of gizmo that has something that sort of looks like a dress where a seat should go.  The YouTube description proclaims that the “dress” was “built by the TechHaus, the technical division of the Haus of Gaga.”

…  I’m sorry, what now?Haus of Gaga is the “personal creative team of pop performance artist Lady Gaga and is responsible for much of her distinctive and individual style.”  That’s fantastic – Lady Gaga has a “team” that “is responsible for much of her distinctive and individual style?”  That’s the best sentence ever.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the woman behind this performance isn’t the most creative of people.

Anyway, the Haus of Gaga designs some of Lady Gaga’s weird shit (and by “weird shit,” I mean they take existing objects and attach other existing objects to them), including:


Lady Gaga’s bubble dress, which is just a flesh colored leotard with plastic balls glued to it.


There’s this thing they call “EMMA,” which is just an electric standup bass fitted with a big piece of wood on the back, to which they mounted a keyboard and a drum machine pad.

And there's this - a trike with a keyboard mounted to it.

And there’s this – a trike with a keyboard mounted to it.

Anyway, great…  Gaga can sort of fly now.  I suppose she’d like some “Applause.”  See what I did there?

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