The Dog Who Saved Halloween TV movie review

And I thought ABC Family movies were cheap! But here comes the HUB network to take “made for TV” to an even lower level with The Dog Who Saved Halloween.

This movie (if you can call it that) generates nothing but questions. Spoilers ahead… but this is the most predictable movie ever, so you’re really only watching The Dog Who Saved Halloween for it’s camp factor.

The premise is what now? This stars who now?
When the movie begins, George Bannister (some guy who appears to be friends with Kevin James’ by the name of Gary Valentine – probably because he was his lighting stand in at some point) and his loyal dog Zeus (voiced by Joey Lawerence for some reason) approach their neighbor’s for a reason I could not glean from the events that actually transpire. George insists that the neighbor is up to something, but exactly why he suspects this, I have no idea. The neighbor does have some quality Halloween decorations… so, there’s that. Anyway, his visit to his next door neighbor’s front yard somehow attracts several other neighbors and results in some sort of leg injury that impedes him in no way (the very next day, after a presumed late night trip to the emergency room, he is walking in the park), but necessitates that he stay home from work for a week so he can help the plot unfold – I mean so he can heal. Anyway, the neighbor’s dog is voiced by Mayim Bialik, so I guess that explains Joey Lawerence.. or Lawerence explains Bialik… or something. Apparently, this movie is a series as apparently Home Alone rejects Ted (Dean Cain?!?) and Stewey (Joey Diaz?!?) have had bumbling run-ins with the Bannister family before…

Now what’s happening?
The writers and director of this flaming pile must be out of their minds. There is a scene during which George and Zeus are just eating potato chips on the couch. That’s it. And there’s all sorts of weird continuity and weird sight lines… sometimes, you just can’t even tell what’s happening… between the dialogue, the story, the sight lines… it’s what the kids call a hot mess.

What year is it?

No animated animal lips for this movie. It’s just voice over with dogs just standing there. Sometimes, they bark. And the CG that exists in this movie is AWFUL – it looks like Adobe After Effects – at best. You see better digital effects in YouTube videos!

Is that even video?

There is a montage at the end of the movie that just shows some still images rather than actual video. That is pathetic.

This movie is not quite “so bad it’s good” as it is just unusual camp with former TV starts. It’s boring (which is probably the worst thing art can do), but it’s the not the worst movie I’ve seen. If you like dogs and Dean Cain, I’d give it a look, but don’t get excited about this one.

Watch the movie, if you dare!

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