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A Nanny for Christmas (movie review)

During the Christmas Cupid review, I mentioned A Nanny for Christmas a few times and today, it’s time to kick that rock over and expose the fact that it’s actually a petrified turd.

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Thanksgiving Day 2013 link drop

In case you need some holiday cheer, I thought I’d put together a handy-dandy list of previous Thanksgiving centric posts for your viewing pleasure.  Here we go:

Animal Retrospective [Video]
This video features a small amount of footage of actual wild turkeys.

Vegan Shepard’s Pie
My modification to Shepard’s Pie to make it vegan.

Cooking on Thanksgiving
You can see some photos of my “famous” baked ziti with vegan sausage here!

Turkeys protest Thanksgiving
Hey, sometimes a wild turkey has to take to the streets and be heard.

wild turkeys in Wayne, NJ
A quick photo of some wild turkeys wandering around.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Enjoy a quick video and a well wishing message!

Have a great Thanksgiving and if you have off tomorrow, do something fun!

Oh Hai, Zion Oil – wait, what?

Zion Oil and Gas is a publicly traded company that – get this – believes that the Old Testament of the Bible is telling it to drill for natural resources in Israel.

Yep, it’s basically the Blues Brothers of business models, but instead of doing something noble like saving an orphanage, they’re trying to make money by drilling for that which is probably not there based on what are most likely poorly translated verses from the books of Genesis and Deuteronomy as the Bible is most likely referring to olive oil rather than petroleum. (Of course, it would be delicious if cars ran on olive oil, but then, what would I sauté in? WHAT, I ask you?) Zion seems to be conscious of the translation issue as they mention it in the video below around the 3:37 mark.

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That is the most skeptical dog photo I've ever seen

I’m all about adopting dogs, yet I must point out that the tag line and the expression on that dog’s face are perhaps the two most contrary things to ever appear in any advertisement. EVER.

“I’ll love you forever… or murder you in your sleep! Naw, I’m just gonna pee on the rug when you oversleep. It’s really your fault.”

Oh Hai, Family Guy – why’dya kill Brian?

Oh Hai, Family Guy Team!

I’ve been tough on you and Seth MacFarlane before. Hey, that’s criticism, right? And it’s not that I never enjoyed Family Guy – I thought the first three seasons had some borderline classic episodes, particularly “Mr. Saturday Knight” and “Kiss Saves Santa.” Of course, they weren’t all gold – there was episodes like “Screwed the Pooch,” which lifted most of its first act and other parts of the episode directly from The Simpsons episode “Two Dozen & One Greyhounds.” The show was cancelled, came back, was cancelled again, and then, after strong DVD sales, it was time for another go round. Starting with Season 4, I felt the show had lost its way, but now… I’d say that this is the end. And maybe, just maybe, Seth MacFarlane agrees – or is finally forcing it.

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Oh Hai, Hunters – whatcha wearing?

Oh Hai, Hunters!

It’s me, Jamie! We don’t know each other, but I wanted to drop a line anyway. You see, as a non-hunter (a vegan, actually), I realize that we’re never going to get along, but I do have one question I want to throw your way:

Whatcha wearing?

I don’t understand the way you folks dress. I see that you’re wearing camouflage because you’re in the woods and you want to blend in, but you’re also wearing orange jackets so other hunters don’t shoot you, so… wait, let me start over.

The purpose of wearing camouflage is to blend in with the environment. Since you’re in the woods, you’re wearing that classic green, brown, black whatever print… but wait, who are you trying to avoid? Not the other hunters – because the orange vest is the official “Don’t shoot me, I’m a person” uniform of the woods, so why not just wear all orange? Because then Tommy Lee Jones would shoot you, I guess. But the vest breaks up your camo… this is like some kind of broken logic loop. I don’t get it.

But then, deer aren’t exactly the most elusive of creatures (I mean, come on, where’s the challenge in that? These guys can’t even figure out how to cross the street!), so I guess fashion sense is just the least of our misunderstandings.

I’m Married to Batman Christmas Special Pt 1 – Do They Know It’s Christmas?

As promised, here’s the first new I’m Married to Batman episode in over a year!  See Batman DANCE!  And, as an added bonus, part 2 of our Christmas Special is coming up in December.


Rigoletto (Opera Review)

We saw Rigoletto at the Met last night, which was my first live opera experience ever, and I have to say, I dug it. The Met is a fantastic place to see a show: the building is beautiful, the acoustics are perfect, and they provide the translations on a small screen you can glance at right in front of you, so it’s a good time for experienced and beginner opera goers.

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Christmas Cupid (sorta quick movie review)

Christmas Cupid is, essentially, a comedic retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, which is something I’m sure everyone has seen a million times before. (Most notably done via Scrooged starring Bill Murray, which I’ve never written about before… we’ll have to get to that this year!) All you really need to know is that this movie has some decent performances, the story isn’t terrible because it’s based on Dickens and the film drags a bit – it’s lazy and mediocre, but I’ve seen worse Christmas movies… A Nanny for Christmasdon’t think I forgot about you. Read the rest of this entry

ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m Married to Batman Two Part Christmas Special Coming Soon!


UPDATE:  part 1 is now available!

The I’m Married to Batman 2 Part Christmas Special is Coming Soon!  Yes, for the first time since August of 2012, is proud to announce two new episodes in the series that nobody watchesRead the rest of this entry

MoTown: The Musical (Broadway Review)

We saw MoTown: The Musical last Friday, and I think it’s fair to say that everyone in attendance had a good time. However, before you run out and pay astronomical Broadway fees, I’ll provide a bit more insight into what you’re actually getting from this show.

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The 150th Anniversary of the Gettysburg Address

One hundred and fifty years ago today, President Abraham Lincoln made his address at the Consecration of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg. In just 10 sentences, Lincoln summed it all up. Read the rest of this entry

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