The Shining movie review


“Co-nan O-Bri-en!”

It’s still October, I still want to talk about scary movies, so let’s keep it going with The Shining!

I do want to point out that this post is in reference to the Stanley Kubrick film and not the novel or television miniseries of the same name.

I have a totally irrational love for this movie. Kubrick movies have such great atmosphere, don’t they? I love the performances, the atmosphere, the imagery and the hilarious title cards. Sometimes they come with a sound effect, sometimes not – I think Wednesday is the noisy one. Or maybe Tuesday…

Spoiler discussion after the jump…

The Overlook Hotel
Apparently, almost all of the shots of the Overlook hotel are sets. How amazing is that? I LOVE the sets in this movie. Amazing.

Room 237
I wish this would have amounted to more – like, I wish Jack didn’t go crazy until after Danny opened that room; as in, the evil lived in that room, Danny let it out and it got Jack.

Jack goes crazy why now?
Speaking of which, I have no idea why Jack goes crazy. It totally doesn’t matter, the movie is still effective, but he just goes from snapping at his wife to starring out the window to BAT SHIT FUCKING CRAZY. I don’t know why and it doesn’t matter – it’s just great. Chalk that up to great acting, directing, editing, scoring… all that good stuff.

“It seemed like I knew what would be around every corner.” – “You’ve always been the caretaker.”
Err… I’m not sure I completely understand what this stuff means. Again, it doesn’t matter, but if Jack has always been the caretaker and the last caretaker died in 1970, which, I believe the movie says was 5 years ago… what? Whatever, this movie is GREAT! (Tony the Tiger style.)

The man on the bed and the man in the dog costume
Apparently, this is explained in the novel, but we experience it the way Wendy does, so it really puts the audience in her shoes. It’s a great idea – just some weird shit.

All that buildup…
We watch the cook make the long trip from Miami to the overlook hotel… on the plane, at the airport, in the car, in the snowcat…he finally shows up and what does he do? Nothing – well, he just provides the escape vehicle. That should be a let down, but it’s not – and it’s also the only kill in the movie, which is awesome.

Does this movie make sense?
Maybe if you read the novel, but for me, I go into the flick thinking, “This time, I’m going to figure out what the hell is going on,” but I always get lost in the magic that is a Kubrick movie. I love this movie, but I’m not sure the narrative is the most cohesive ever.

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  1. Nice review Jamie. Perfect scary flick for this time of the season. Especially with the documentary Room 237 out and about, which would make a great companion piece.

  2. When are we getting the Halloween review? Best slasher flick of all time!!!

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