Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short tells Dean Cain to get screwed

The new quick film "Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short" shows every incarnation of Superman I can think of except one: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

I spotted:

  1. The original, from Action Comics #1
  2. The first animated series
  3. The first live action series
  4. The more sci-fi era of Superman
  5. The more campy era of Superman
  6. The 70s/80s
  7. The Atari game
  8. Superman: The Movie
  9. Superman Animated Series form the late 90s
  10. Superman comics from the 90s, the death of Superman, the Reign of the Supermen, the return of Superman…
  11. New 52 Superman
  12. and Man of Steel Superman

But they couldn’t squeeze ol’ Dean Cain in there for some reason, despite the fact that it ran for 4 seasons and 87 episodes. It’s not like I’m crying foul over the omission of Superman Returns or something – Lois & Clark was a legitimate show on a major network for four years!

Have to wonder who Dean Cain pissed off… or maybe it was just an oversight.

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