Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) movie review

It’s still October, I still want to talk about scary movies, so let’s keep it going with Friday the 13th Part 2!

In many ways, Part 2 is a big step backwards after Part 1. The screenplay is somehow more ridiculous, the acting has fallen a long way from Kevin Bacon and even if this location is a touch nicer, the movie somehow feels more static. (How many times did they reuse that creek? I guess the idea to let us know we were getting close to Jason’s house…) Still, there are a lot of unintentional laughs and I think this movie is a good time and worth a watch. Spoiler discussion after the jump…

This movie is writhe with problems and raises more questions than answers – I made a list of some of them:

Wait, you reveal the killer in the TRAILER?

It’s bad enough that Jason wears a clean sack on his head, but why show it in the trailer when the movie doesn’t reveal it until… what the first hour? Bizarre.

Recap much?

The recap of the first movie goes on forever and keeps unnecessarily cutting back to the woman dreaming. I think this lasts for over 5 minutes, which doesn’t sound like a long time, but when you’re sitting there watching it, it feels like an eternity.

So that kid was just there for effect?

Before the recap start, we get to watch this kid’s feet playing in puddles – he’s never seen again. I guess someone decided that was a creepy way to start a movie, so they threw it in, just to waste my time.

Hey, you need to take better care of your cat!

I’m sort of glad Jason killed the lady from the first one – who lets their pets just wander around like that? I guess that’s not too atypical for cats, but who keeps an open window when they’re worried about someone breaking into their place?


Speaking of not keeping track of your pets, Muffin the dog just wanders around. Her owner is apparently "Miss I like to cut my close a few inches shorter than they are manufactured, hey where’s my dog? OO skinny dipping at night by myself! Fun!" and I’m glad she died. GLAD! Take better care of your pets, America’s youth! And how great is Muffin’s diversionary tactic at the end? Do you think Jason just keeps all of the pets of the people he kills? How awesome is that? He’s just followed around by an army of cats and dogs from the careless pet owners he’s murdered who are so much happier with Jason than they were with their previous owners that they help him murder people. That is fantastic.

Who are all these people?!?

Most of them don’t speak, so why do we need to meet them all? And that one weird looking guy lives because he decided to stay out all night drinking? And then there’s the people we do meet, who, for some reason, we don’t connect with even as much as the people in the first one. I guess we had more intimate time with that cast, but this one… I know even less about these jokers. This cast includes:

  • the boss
  • they hired me because I’m blonde, like Jason’s mom
  • hat guy
  • lady who sleeps with hat guy
  • Speaking of not keeping track of your pets, Muffin the dog just wanders around. Her owner is apparently "Miss I like to cut my close a few inches shorter than they are manufactured, hey where’s my dog? OO skinny dipping at night by myself! Fun!"
  • wheel chair guy
  • lady who fetishes wheel chair guy

So Jason’s not a ghost/super natural thing?

Whew, they really blew it here, didn’t they? Less is more, guys! This movie maintains that Jason saw his mom get decapitated at the end of the first one. So that’s Jason, who drowned, who jumps out of the lake at the end. Right. They showed it in the recap. They say that all went down five years ago. Fine. They mention he’d be grown up by now… but I thought he was drowned. As in, dead. It’s in the recap. How could he continue to grow? But he was still a boy five years ago – it looked like a 10 year old – how could he be the giant man beast he is in this movie already and not be supernatural? But they make the point that he lives off the land and, in the movie, he clearly suffers injuries that slow him down… So… huh? I have no idea what’s going on. Just say he’s Jason. He’s a monster or whatever. He’s grown up now because fuck it, that’s why. Jeez movie, stop trying to explain stuff, you’re terrible at it!

What now happened at the end?

Jason bursts through the rear window after Muffin distracts them at the front door (AWESOME!) and then cut to the lady being put in the ambulance. What hell happened? He grabbed her, but the guy is the one who isn’t around. This baffles me, but it’s one small puzzle at the end of the movie that is rife with this sorta stuff, so who cares. Maybe it’s explained in the beginning of part three… I can’t remember.


Despite my bitching, Friday the 13th Part 2 is a lot of fun, and if you like the first one, definitely check this one out.

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