Friday the 13th (1980) movie review

It’s October, so let’s check out some scary movies! Today, we’ll look at one of my all time favorites: Friday the 13th.

Holy crap, this movie is cheap… and not especially original. And it’s soooooo dated now, which makes it feel closer to funny rather than scary. Still, the movie has atmosphere and a fun twist at the end, even if it lacks logic and often borrows heavily ("borrows" is a nice way of saying "flat out steals") from Halloween and that one iconic shot that is lifted straight out of The Shinning. Yet, I love this flick and it’s required watching for any film buff. Spoiler discussion after the jump…

What a strong debut performance for Kevin Bacon! Nobody pushes over tree stumps, pleasures the ladies or takes an arrow to the throat like Kevin Bacon!

I wasn’t able to see the Friday the 13th films in order as they were already in full swing by the time I was in diapers. So, going back and watching the first one, I assumed the unseen stalking killer would be revealed as Jason, but no – a fifty year old woman! And boy, does she kick ass! Not to mention the fact that she’s completely and totally insane, speaking to herself in her son’s voice a la Psycho. When it comes to the effects…well, I guess $550,000 didn’t buy much. You’ll need to use your imagination, or just giggle at the death scenes. Unless you’re super sensitive, I think you’ll get a kick out of Friday the 13th – try it out this Halloween!

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