Sack Lunch by Slim Wray (music review)

Slim-Wray-Sack-LunchSack Lunch is the debut album by Brooklyn transplants, Slim Wray.

Sack Lunch has a blue feel, but with lots of rock, punk and other touches. It’s as though the blues are the spine of the songs while the other influences make up the details… perhaps in this analogy, rock might be the skin. However you describe their music, I would just call it a good time, even when they’re singing lyrics such as, “when you spend the second night in a cell, you know it’s for real.” Somehow, I always feel a bright optimism in the tone: sure, that sounds bad, but it’s not that bad. Maybe that’s just my interpretation, but I will point out that one of the songs on this album are called “Sunshine,” which may be my personal favorite.

I don’t think Sack Lunch is going to change anyone’s life, but then, I don’t think that’s necessarily the attention of Slim Wray’s debut album. It’s more about feeling the music, experiencing it – I’ll say it’s the difference between looking at the Declaration of Independence as opposed to reading it. Standing in the presence of a powerful document, surrounded by its presentation, gives one a feeling of awe that can’t be had while reading it in a classroom, and this album is the same way – you listen to it, you don’t analyze it. And when you’re finished listening to it, you smile.

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