Green Lantern roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure tried to kill me


The title of this post might be an exaggeration. Might.

You see, I went on the Green Lantern roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure with 3 other people, and all of us walked off a ride alive, but with a physical complaint of one sort or another. For me, I found that I got rocked back and forth mercilessly  between the restraint that went over my shoulder, causing me too finally learn exactly what the phrase “have your ears boxed” refers to.  The awkward bicycle seat that you perch upon also did a number on my inner thighs somehow. After the first 10 seconds, I desperately wanted to deboard the ride, but of course, that was impossible. I begin to pray for death’s sweet embrace, but  relief never came. Finally, the ride came to an end and my party was able to return to the good, sweet earth. This pretty much ended our day at Six Flags because we were all in too much pain to do anything else.

You going straight to hell, Green Lantern roller coaster. Straight. To. Hell.

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