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Halloween II (1981) movie review

It’s Halloween today, so what better movie to talk about than Halloween II? The first one, I suppose, but I’ve covered that flick already. I know most people prefer the first one, but I’m a Halloween II kind of guy. Spoiler discussion after the jump!

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Superman Halloween Costume


The new Man of Steel movie changed the face of Superman, which is reflected in the above photo. Gone is the happy Superman who would always wave at the camera and get a cat out of a tree like it ain’t no thang. Even the little kids in Halloween costumes have to be brooding these days.  Such is the 21st century.

Inside the Jonas Brothers Breakup (A Fly on the Wall)

Welcome to A Fly On The Wall, a feature that imagines what it would be like to hear conversations that may or may not have ever actually occurred. This time, we’ll use our fly power to listen in on the Jonas Brothers Breakup.


Ain’t no meeting like a Jonas Brothers meeting, cuz a Jonas Brothers meeting DON’T STOP!


Right – thanks for the enthusiasm, Joe. I appreciate you guys sitting down with me today.


No probl-


Of course, man! [singing] You light up my world like nobody else!


That’s a One Direction song.

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One year after Hurricane Sandy

We’re now one year out from Hurricane Sandy and I can’t help but hope we don’t get our collective ass kicked again by yet another storm. (After Sandy, snow in October and other storms, I’ve become paranoid about any weather event falling between October 1 and April 30.) Most things are back to normal, but there are still so many people waiting on insurance claims, grants, permits and what have you.

My family and I were lucky. A tree branch hit the house, but it didn’t do any damage. We lost power on later Monday afternoon and it was restored on the following Saturday, which was a great relief because the rumor was if your power wasn’t fixed by the end of the weekend, you were in for a long haul, and that rumor proved to be true. Some people waited weeks, maybe even months longer than we did. That, as I have been saying lately, is bonkers.

What I remember the most about the storm and it’s aftermath:

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Halloween (1978) movie review

It’s still October, I still want to talk about scary movies, so as requested, let’s keep it going today with the original Halloween. Spoiler discussion after the jump!

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Carrie (1976) movie review

If you’ve never seen the original 1976 film Carrie, then you might want to skip the trailer as it gives away just about everything that happens in the movie – not that time hasn’t done that already. But, it’s still the Halloween season and I’m still feeling the scary movies, so let’s hit the spoiler discussion after the jump! Read the rest of this entry

The Shining movie review


“Co-nan O-Bri-en!”

It’s still October, I still want to talk about scary movies, so let’s keep it going with The Shining!

I do want to point out that this post is in reference to the Stanley Kubrick film and not the novel or television miniseries of the same name.

I have a totally irrational love for this movie. Kubrick movies have such great atmosphere, don’t they? I love the performances, the atmosphere, the imagery and the hilarious title cards. Sometimes they come with a sound effect, sometimes not – I think Wednesday is the noisy one. Or maybe Tuesday…

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Double Screen Indoor Animal Hunter (ep 2) [video]

Here’s the second episode of the new show that’s one part Crocodile Hunter and all parts silly – it’s episode 2 of Double Screen Indoor Animal Hunter!  Today, the Indoor Animal Hunter meets his most dangerous game yet – indoor pack animal dogs!   Read the rest of this entry

Hand Dryer Humor



Somebody knocked it out of the park – or should I say – mocked it out of the park? But yeah – well done, some guy in the movie theater bathroom.  This is the best graffiti ever.

Captain Phillips movie review

Despite the fact that Captain Phillips is part of an odd movie titling trend in Hollywood that I don’t understand, it’s still a quality film that’s worth seeing featuring amazing performances by actors not named Tom Hanks. Read the rest of this entry

Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short tells Dean Cain to get screwed

The new quick film "Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short" shows every incarnation of Superman I can think of except one: Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

I spotted:

  1. The original, from Action Comics #1
  2. The first animated series
  3. The first live action series
  4. The more sci-fi era of Superman
  5. The more campy era of Superman
  6. The 70s/80s
  7. The Atari game
  8. Superman: The Movie
  9. Superman Animated Series form the late 90s
  10. Superman comics from the 90s, the death of Superman, the Reign of the Supermen, the return of Superman…
  11. New 52 Superman
  12. and Man of Steel Superman

But they couldn’t squeeze ol’ Dean Cain in there for some reason, despite the fact that it ran for 4 seasons and 87 episodes. It’s not like I’m crying foul over the omission of Superman Returns or something – Lois & Clark was a legitimate show on a major network for four years!

Have to wonder who Dean Cain pissed off… or maybe it was just an oversight.

Gamera vs Guiron screen grab: "Grownups have no dreams."

Gamera might not be the most famous of Japanese monster movie stars, but here, his little costars are dropping truth bombs! "Grownups have dreams!" Oh snap! He calls ’em like he sees ’em! I’ve never sat through an entire Gamera movie, but I might have to now.

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