I’D Rather Be In Batman License Plate Holder


Because the phrase “I’d rather be in Batman” could be taken in so many different ways, I’ve come up with 3 possible ways to interpret what I assume is a poorly phrased tagline for a license plate holder.

1.  “I’d rather be in Batman” is a reference for actors to make meaning that they’d rather appear in the 1989 Tim Burton film rather than the project there currently working on.

2.  “I’d rather be in Batman” is a mistake; its supposed to say “I’d rather be in Gotham.”  (As in, “I’d rather be at the beach.”)

3. “I’d rather be in Batman” just means that some dudes think that Batman is hot and they would literally rather be in Batman than any other guy.  Hey, he’s rich, powerful and looks good in tights… yeah we get it.

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