Family Plot movie review (Better Know Your Hitchcock)

A Hitchcock movie that ends on a joke! But then, Family Plot is a comedy – and, a much better one (for me) than The Trouble with Harry.

There’s something interesting about Family Plot that I can’t quite put my finger on. I suppose it could be that the characters push the movie along more than the plot. The mystery isn’t all that mysterious to the audience because they know most of the answers to the questions that some of the characters don’t know. Yet, it’s still fun to watch George’s detective act and Arthur’s awful behavior.

I must admit that I was confused during the out of control car sequence – Blanche’s behavior puzzled me, but after re-watching the previous scene, I slowly came around to the idea that she was supposed to be drunk. I didn’t get it, but it’s hard to argue with the idea that Hitchcock didn’t convey an idea well enough – but I will submit that George drank way more than she did, and he was fine.

Family Plot features the most profanity I’ve ever heard in a Hitchcock movie, but it doesn’t take anything away from the film. If you like a fun character study, I’d give this flick a whirl.

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