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commando-posterThe 80s Movies won’t go away! Today, we’re taking a look at what may be my favorite Schwarzenegger flick, Commando.

This movie is friggin’ awesome – Commando is pure shlock. If you’ve never seen it, treat yourself. Here are some quick clips:

I love how they play it straight, how earnest every character is in this movie. It’s so great! This might be the most forced, “I’ll be back” of Schwarzenegger’s career, but hey – at least he was able to work it in. This movie also features a very young Alyssa Milano as well as Rae Dawn Chong (The Principal… and perhaps other movies…), who even gets her own quality one-liner: “I read the instructions.” Awesome.

Everything in this movie seems kind of cheap, but it works. The image quality isn’t slick, the sets look cheap and the music is repetitive, but somehow, it all comes together to make the perfect 80s movie. It’s just an action comedy, but it knows exactly what it is and how to maximize every asset it has. Just look how great it is set to music!

“Jenny and me!”

truly rocks. Check it out or watch it again!

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