Twilight Saga movie review (Mixers & Movie Reviews ep. 4)

Here it is – the long promised fourth episode of Mixers and Movie Reviews, covering all five movies from The Twilight Saga.

Sometimes, something is so bad, it’s good, and that’s definitely the Twilight series.  (Not to be confused with so bad it’s bad, like Eragon, which is just really bad.)  It’s baffling in a fun way and I highly recommend these films – as long as you’re willing to enjoy them on an ironic level, that is.

We rolled for about an hour and 10 minutes or so, but I edited it down to 44 minutes so as to bring this movie review down from totally painful to slightly watchable.  I do have some notes on several other things that are silly in Twilight that we didn’t cover, and maybe we’ll get to that some day…

One thing we show but don’t mention is the pie shot (that’s when the camera swings around the subject in 360 degrees) of Bella sitting in her room in Twilight New Moon being all depressed about Edward dumping her.  The film makers think the audience is so dumb that they keep putting up the months that are passing on-screen (as in “October,” “November,” “December”) even though they are clearly showing images for each month that clearly indicate time is passing:  kids in Halloween costumes, her dad raking leaves and snow falling.  And I though the time passing transition shots in Harry Potter were heavy-handed…

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This was filmed using a Canon VIXIA HF M300 and edited in Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.  George is getting hit with a  1000 LED light, which seems to be a bit too much, while I’m getting my light from a 500 LED light, which seems about right.  I decided to not use my shotgun condenser mic to record us speaking on set and just use the camera mic, which doesn’t sound great, but then, the shotgun mic picked up a ton of room noise, so I picked my poison.  I created some of the titles in Adobe Premier, but I did some additional work in Adobe Photoshop as well.

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