The 5 most memorable episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation

star-trek-the-next-generation-communicator-badgeI’ve written several posts about one of my favorite shows of all time, Star Trek: The Next Generation, but I still have more to say. Today, I’ll examine the 5 most memorable episodes of the series. When I say “memorable,” I’m referring to episodes that stick out in my mind for any particular reason – not because they’re good or bad, but just because they got my attention. Here we are, in no particular order… no wait, I’ll do them in order of appearance. Let’s do this!

“Hide and Q” from Season 1 (Will is endowed with the power of the Q)

I love how cheap the set looks – and small in scope, too. The monsters are hilarious – you can’t beat a guy in a weird monster mask wearing an old school French army uniform. This is the wackiest Will Riker ever gets in the entire series and this episode includes fake deaths of both Worf and Wesley.
Most memorable quote: “And that’s not all!”

“Skin of Evil” from Season 1 (the oil monster kills Tasha)

I never cared for Tasha Yar, so I was gleeful when she was killed off near the end of season 1. I love that she was killed by a monster that looked like it was left over from the original series and that he death served no purpose at all. And, just to hammer the point home that she was really dead, we got to watch the crew’s failed attempt at resuscitating her. Awesome. Finally, for icing on the cake, we got to watch her give her own eulogy.
Two words: “Ah, Worf…” BRILLIANT!

“Darmok” from Season 5 (the crew meets the Tamarian, who speak only in metaphor)
This is the episode that makes it clear that if you fly around the galaxy long enough, you’ll meet a race that only speaks Shakespeare. The Tamarians not only restrict their communication to metaphor, but it’s the most inside metaphor communication ever as they only use metaphors from their own culture and history. I imagine this is someone’s metaphor for what it’s like to be a guest at a Star Trek convention – you have no idea what the cosplayers are talking about.
Most memorable quote: “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.”

“The Chase” from Season 6 (the race to store the genetic puzzle)
If you always thought it was stupid that all of the humanoid life forms in the Star Trek universe looked very similar, this is the episode that explains why that is. Not an especially important piece of information, but it got my attention. I love how over the top the other alien characters are. Here’s an example.
Most memorable quote: The very notion that a Cardassian could have anything in common with a Klingon – it turns my stomach.

“Attached” from Season 7 (Picard and Beverly are implanted with devices that allow them to hear each others thoughts)
Yep, that’s what happens and, this allows them both to learn that they ‘like’ each other, but it never goes anywhere, which is very annoying. I thought this episode was the setup to something, but it never happens. It’s the plot threat that might have been.
Most memorable quote: Do you mind thinking of something else? You’re making me hungry.

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