Uncle Grandpa (TV review)


Here are a few quick, off the cuffs thoughts after watching the premiere of Uncle Grandpa on Cartoon Network.

The imagination employed on Uncle Grandpa is truly staggering and admirable. I particularly like the “do not enter” door in the RV, which leads to an entire Uncle Grandpa universe that seems to include his home and many other areas that have not yet been explored.

As for the characters, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger is an early favorite. I very much like that Giant Realistic Flying Tiger is not only the most powerful character (or so it seems at this point), but is also both female and an animal.  Belly Bag is a close second and of course, Uncle Grandpa is no slouch himself. When I’d seen only the commercial, I thought Pizza Steve might be my pick, but after seeing one episode, I get the feeling that Pizza Steve is not going to be my cup of tea.  In the early goings, he seems like a useless jerk.

At this point the “good morning” catch phrase that Uncle Grandpa employs has begun to amuse me, but I am curious what an entire series of Uncle Grandpa constantly saying “good morning” a thousand times an episode is going to  do to my feelings on it.

I really like the writing style so far:
“Uh oh – a six-pack of night wolves… with six packs.” That’s just my thing.  On the other hand, I was not a fan of the Pet Cemetery and the pets being brought back from the dead as monsters.  This also makes me wonder exactly what audience this show is geared toward, but given that it’s on at night, it’s certainly not young children, who would most certainly be frightened the vivid imagery that Uncle Grandpa includes.

After this first episode, I think I can give Uncle Grandpa a solid recommendation for most viewers… That is, if you’re looking for a cartoon that looks to be hand drawn and employs plenty of imagination and lots of the vid colors while at the same time not being afraid to take risks and has the ability to show you something you’ve never seen before. If that sounds like fun, then I think you will enjoy Uncle Grampa.

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