BWH by Black Wing Halo (music review)

Black Wing Halo’s new EP, BWH, is, in it’s own way, a text book on popular rock styles of the last twenty or so years. At first, the dearth of what was going on here threw me for a loop, but once I took my critic’s hat off and just listened, I realized I was loving what I heard.

The range of influences isn’t necessarily staggering here, but it is a group of sounds I wouldn’t necessarily imagine would be put together in a collection of sounds. You’ll hear heavy tones of Nine Inch Nails and a metal influence here and there that I can’t quite place… "Bite My Lip" has a touch of Alice in Chains and something else I can’t quite put my finger on. The EP is often like that – the songs often seem familiar but new, like an old friend who has changed so much since the last time you saw them that you don’t recognize them.

After the first listen, I realized that I was overwhelmed with my need to place their influences, but after a few more times through these six songs, I just sat back and realized how much I was enjoying what I was hearing. If you like rock/metal/punk/surf with a decidedly 90s flair (that is to say, if you like anything that is post 80s hair metal), then you will dig Black Wing Halo’s new EP, BWH.

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