Elysium (movie review)

Matt Damon stars in the movie you have no idea how to pronounce, Elysium.

The story of Elysium relies heavily on allegory rather than interesting characters, and that’s probably why I didn’t love movie where Matt Damon puts on a robot exoskeleton and beats ass, because frankly, that sounds like my kind of movie, but i can’t recommend that everyone run out and see this movie, because honestly, it’s just not that great. Matt Damon is great (as our some of the supporting players), but the movie itself and its characters are kinda weak.

Oops, almost forgot about the allegory, which is impossible, because this movie hits you over the head with it a not so interesting way. The movie will scream, "Look, immigration! People who live where conditions are bad want to go to where conditions are good! Also, healthcare is on of those conditions! Get it?" It’s as though the movie is hitting you over the head with a magazine. "Get it? Get it? GET IT?" By the time the movie is over, you’re bleeding gratuitously from your forehead.

Speaking of bleeding gratuitously from your forehead (smoothest transition ever), the visual effects in Elysium are stunning – I especially loved the blood effects, which may have been practical (not digital) – I’m not sure, but they blood splatters looked great. The digital effects looked awesome, too, but I haven’t seen a blood splatter that good in a long while.

Jodie Foster co stars as the defense minister of Elysium itself – she’s your typical hard ass, ambitious bad guy character. She’s not bad in the role, but she’s certainly not great, and she has a hard time deciding if she should do her accent all of the time, only when she speaks French, or what, but whatever – it’s not like the movie isn’t great because of Jodie Foster. Sharlto Copley also co stars as Bad Guy Antagonist for Matt Damon to fight, and although he’s good in his role, his character is flat, uninteresting and motivated by who the hell knows.

Back in the day, if a movie looked like it was going to get an R, they’d wedge some boobs into the movie, because hey, the movie’s already getting an R rating – might as well go all out. Not so with Elysium (and most modern action movies) – there’s violence and blood, some profanity, but not a ton, and zero boobs. The movie also drops at least three languages on us, which is important for the international market – and perhaps that’s what happened to the boobs, too – although I thought boobs played everywhere, but I guess some countries are a bit conservative when it comes to on screen rack.

Still, I have to hand it to them – to whip a message at the audience in this kind of movie is commendable on some level, so hey, good for you, film makers! Most action movies are content to just blow stuff up, but Elysium does drop some moral on us – they just didn’t do a great job of it. I’m giving Elysium a 6 out of 10.

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