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BWH by Black Wing Halo (music review)

Black Wing Halo’s new EP, BWH, is, in it’s own way, a text book on popular rock styles of the last twenty or so years. At first, the dearth of what was going on here threw me for a loop, but once I took my critic’s hat off and just listened, I realized I was loving what I heard.

The range of influences isn’t necessarily staggering here, but it is a group of sounds I wouldn’t necessarily imagine would be put together in a collection of sounds. You’ll hear heavy tones of Nine Inch Nails and a metal influence here and there that I can’t quite place… "Bite My Lip" has a touch of Alice in Chains and something else I can’t quite put my finger on. The EP is often like that – the songs often seem familiar but new, like an old friend who has changed so much since the last time you saw them that you don’t recognize them.

After the first listen, I realized that I was overwhelmed with my need to place their influences, but after a few more times through these six songs, I just sat back and realized how much I was enjoying what I was hearing. If you like rock/metal/punk/surf with a decidedly 90s flair (that is to say, if you like anything that is post 80s hair metal), then you will dig Black Wing Halo’s new EP, BWH.

Biggest gift cards ever


I bet you thought I meant “biggest gift cards ever” in terms of value, and I appreciate that there are two gift cards in that package, but wow – that is quite large.  I guess the idea is that the large packaging makes it very difficult to steal the gift cards, but still, there has to be a better way.  I haven’t seen packaging this excessive since early CDs.

Mixers and Movie Reviews episode four is coming next week!

The fourth episode of the series that no one asked for is coming no later than next week! Get over those post Labor Day blues with Mixers and Movie Reviews! You may need to pregame for this episode – it’s a dozy! Experience the wonder as the episode goes on and my blood alcohol content rises, making the process of linear thought nearly impossible! See perhaps the best pairing of drink with movie EVER! And perhaps the most heart warming ending of any episode of any show IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!

OK, this may be too much build up for a 45 minute episode – but, we will be talking about FIVE MOVIES! (That’s the only hint you get!)

This coffee cup can’t handle me


In case it is unclear, I am extremely jacked.   You can’t handle me, movies can’t handle me (except when they break my brain) and coffee cups definitely can’t handle me.  It’s like I’m Superman or something.
So watch out, Internet, because I’m buff – or maybe just don’t invite me over for tea.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones – The ‘Eyes’ have it!


Get it?  Get it?!?  You get it.  Pun-tastic!

Arcade FAIL: Flintstone pinball machine


The hotel arcade (Hotels still have arcades?  What year is it?) has one pinball machine and it’s a Flintstone pinball game based on the live action movie from the ninties.  FAIL. EPIC FAIL.

(Did I use ‘fail’ right?)

Pink triangle: imminent construction or lesbian gang activity?


This showed up on the street a few mornings ago. Is this Pink triangle a sign of imminent construction or lesbian gang activity?  It has to be one or the other.

Lowes sells potentially racist plant


Whoa there, Lowes!  Easy now!  I’m pretty sure you can’t say that.   Sounds wrong.   Yeah, I’m fairly certain this plant is racist.

The Hours (quick movie review)

The Hours falls under the "I really need to watch that movie again" sort of category. I spent too much time of the movie being distracted by my brain saying things like, "Well, that was weird" and "What in the hell does that have to do with anything?" and then, by the end, I remember thinking, "Oh……… gotcha."

Well, sort of. The movie tells three stories in three time periods, but I would have much rather watched two different movies: one about Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Ed Harris – all that stuff – and then a second movie that was just about Nicole Kidman’s story. Sure, I see the connection, but I felt stuff wasn’t explored as thoroughly as it could have been.

Still, despite the flaws I perceived, I have to recommend The Hours – this is a movie that’ s worth seeing, but I’m not ready to score it yet. If you have strong opinions on this flick, I’d love to hear from you!

Dogs vs (toy) Batman [video]

Sometimes the dogs get a toy and beat the crap out of it together – the toy never stood a chance.  In this case, it was tough to watch Batman get torn apart, but that’s life, I guess.

TECHNICAL NOTES:This was filmed with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and edited in Adobe Premiere – the images were created in Adobe Photoshop.

Marvel baby toys – is this ok?

I don’t have a baby of my own, but I have been around babies…  Nevertheless, I may not be the right person to weigh in on this.  I’ll put aside the debate concerning, “The baby wants my phone, so I got him a toy phone,” (ie, the baby should play with baby toys or we should fool the baby into thinking they are playing with my toy) and instead just concentrate on the idea that the baby is playing with an Iron Man phone.


This… This just doesn’t seem right to me for a reason I can’t put my finger on.  I am very curious about the phone as it appears to be one of those call the characters deals.   What do they say?

“This Hulk.   HULK SMASH!!!  …  Why baby cry?”

“I am Thor, God of Thunder!   My enemies and the enemies of earth shall feel mjolnir’s wrath!  I will smite all those that threaten peace, justice and afternoon nap time!”

“Hey, it’s Iron Tony!  I mean…  Sorry, I’m already drunk.”

You get the idea.

Words with Friends proves resistance is NOT futile


As you can see in the above image, Words with Friends denies the very existence of the Borg, proving once and for all that resistance is NOT, in fact, futile.

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