Identity Thief (movie review)

Let’s review Identity Thief!  Because… I watched it… so… yeah.


“I liked it better the first time I saw it when it was called Midnight Run.”

identity-thief-posterOr 48 Hours. Or whatever. I’m sure there are lots of movies like this – as I noted yesterday, many movies rely heavily on formula, and today’s movie is no exception. Hmm… Melissa McCarthy movies are no exception, that’s for sure. The Heat was a much more comedic version of a buddy cop movie, although I guess we’ve already seen that in the shape of Beverly Hills Cop. Double Hmm… 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop… is McCarthy just remaking Eddie Murphy movies? Sort of, yeah. Anyway…  Like most Jason Bateman movies, I found this tough to watch. At least he wasn’t playing the total sad sack he is now type casted as, so that’s something. I thought Extract had a lot of potential, but again, if you’ve got Bateman in a movie as the sad sack, you’re in for a rough go. (Couples Retreat, anyone?) The movie’s watchable, but outside of an outstanding performance by Melissa McCarthy that really comes to a head in the second act (Character development? Monologue? What movie am I watching? But after this scene, the movie gets back to formula.), this movie takes no chances, few surprises and delivers an ending you see coming a full ten or twenty minutes before it happens.

Worst of all, this movie is low on laughs and for a comedy, that’s a problem – but strangely enough, McCarthy isn’t bad in this, despite the fact that she’s responsible for the bulk of the comedy. She’s actually quiet good and is the only real reason to watch this flick. Still, the lapses in the story’s logic (which are spilling out of a tractor-trailer sized cornucopia) are just too large and frequent to miss, and they completely derailed the movie for me and erase any bits of growth the two main characters go through as the story unfolds. What little story there is.

I can’t recommend this movie – it’s kinda boring, it’s not especially funny and unless you love McCarthy and must see everything she’s in, there isn’t any reason to watch this. I’m giving Identity Thief a 5 out of 10 only because it has the basic structure of a movie, but it has little entertainment value and no re watch value at all. At least The Guilt Trip had some “so bad it’s good” things going for it, but this movie is just… bad.

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