“Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink VS the “Guatemalan Love Song” From The 40-Year-Old Virgin (video)

So… yeah.  The title is kinda says it all.  Kinda.

There’s no defending this one – or rather, explaining.  This is just a weird video.  The melodies of “Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink and the “Guatemalan Love Song” from The 40-Year-Old Virgin don’t seem to have much in common, but as every DJ on the planet continues to run “Just Give Me A Reason” into the ground, it just sounds more and more like the “Guatemalan Love Song,” and I’m fairly certain that most of the similarity is happening inside my own mind – hence that clip from the end of Pi.

I believe this is the first short I’ve ever made that includes no original video nor any voice over, so it’s a welcome change.  That background music is “Holiday For Strings” by David Rose & His Orchestra.  That cover of “Aquarius” (also from The 40-Year-Old Virgin) is from the musical “Hair.”

So… there you go.

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