17 Best Episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation Season 6

star-trek-the-next-generation-communicator-badgeNo, I didn’t pick all of them, but close! (There are 26 episodes in season 6.) As the show went on, I felt it kept getting better and better, so my list for each season tend to get longer and longer.

I already talked about “Time’s Arrow” in my TNG Season 5 post, so that’s why it doesn’t appear here – but those two episodes are so good, I didn’t want anyone to think I was leaving them off the list intentionally! And here’s something I did unintentionally on this list – I dropped a bunch of quotes from episodes. I have no idea why… but enough of my yackin’ – let’s boogie!

“Realm of Fear”
I love Barclay and this is a Barclay episode – ’nuff said!

I just didn’t see this coming – I love the idea of writing in the Star Trek TOS cast members and this was an ingenious way to do it. And you’ve got to love Mr. Scott talking to the holodeck (as we know from Star Trek III, Mr. Scott is not especially fond of talking ship computers.): “Show me the bridge of the Enterprise! […] And I don’t want any bloody A, B, C or D!”

“True Q”
Any time Q shows up, it’s a good episode. And PUPPIES!

“A Fistful of Datas”
Bonus Brent Spiner AND a holodeck episode! Love it! And I especially love that Alexander managed not to ruin the episode.

“The Quality of Life”
Again, another Data heavy episode with an interesting story. You can’t beat that.

“Chain of Command, Part I & 2”
“Get it done!” Ronny Cox has had a long, respectable career, but he’s channeling his inner Dick Jones (Robocop) in a fun two parter.

“Ship in a Bottle”
Off hand, this is my favorite holodeck episode and definitely in my top ten for the entire series. Daniel Davis is awesome as he’s tasked with a difficult role that a lesser actor could have easily butchered.

This is a mystery episode that kept me guessing! And there’s a DOG!

This may be the second best Q episode. Friggin awesome perspective here.

“Then I saw you on the transporter pad.” That’s the epitome of romance! A great episode, no doubt.

“The Chase”
I love the message from this episode – it’s very Gene Roddenberry.

“Frame of Mind”
Another mystery that’ll keep you guessing – so much fun. And look at Jonathan Frakes and his mad acting skills!

There aren’t enough Dr. Crusher episodes, so cherish this one!

“Second Chances”

Two times the Riker! It’s a fascinating look at Riker’s character as well as human emotion… lots of fun stuff here.

This is one of my favorite episodes of the series. “He kept talking and talking, moving from topic to topic… It was really quite hypnotic.”

In which Data points out that Troy likes to bang dudes from different species!

DATA: Did you assist him in his research?
TROY: I certainly did not!
DATA: I thought it was a topic you had much interest in.


“Descent, Part I & II”
This only made it to the list because there’s twice the Brent Spiner when Lore is around. Lore and Data are always fun, but the disconnected Borg bore the hell out of me, if you’ll pardon the alliteration.

I thought this episode about crew members being abducted in their sleep could have been better than it is, but still a good one.

“Birthright, Part I & II”
I could care less about Worf’s story, but Data’s sub plot is fascinating!

The ending really saves this one. “Dad!” How funny is that?

“Starship Mine”
I think this episode could have been better, but it’s fun.

“Rightful Heir”
The mystery is sort of interesting, but as much as I like Worf’s character, they often put him in situations I’m just not interested in – I guess I should say that I like Worf but not Klingons.

“Man of the People”
So… this guy can push-off his negative emotions onto other people and use them as receptacle for these feelings (because this makes him a better diplomat?), which manifests side effects that are not only in psychological ways, but also on one’s physical well-being… specifically Troy. So it’s not like she’s getting mind raped in this one, but it’s still weird.

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