Graveyard Lovers: Dreamers (music review)


I so rarely get the opportunity to listen to new music, but today, I’m taking the opportunity to check out Graveyard Lovers and their new album, Dreamers.

Graveyard Lovers have that Brooklyn surf music sound going mixed in with a heavy influence of the White Stripes. But on the other hand, other influences and sounds are evident as you make your way through the tracks. “You and Me” gives off a bit of a Stellastar feel while “From My Window” and “Blessed are the Ties that Bind” remind me of Pink Floyd. “Hunger” has a heavy White Stripes thing going, but it also reminds me of a tune off Paperhand Lincoln’s self titled debut album. It’s all held together with Zach Reynolds vocals, which are very satisfying. I enjoy not only his tone, but his diction – as a big 90s rock fan, I am always amazed when anyone can articulate.

I expected something dreary out of a band called Graveyard Lovers, but then, an album titled Dreamers might perhaps suggest something mellow, but I guess it depends on the dream. What you ultimately get is a good time and a fun listen.

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